Approaches can Fix Error Code 13 Effectively on Windows System


by Eddie Bradbury · September 22, 2015


fix error code 13

Do you encounter any problem with error code 13 and disable some programs and features on the computer? Let’s firstly make clear about the reason for the error, then take proper resolutions to stop and fix error code 13 well.

More details about the issue

Windows error 13 is a typical system problem that often related to the registry issue, besides, other situations listed below also could be the cause of it:

  • Driver issue
  • Associated device errors
  • Hardware┬áissue
  • Outdated issue with installed programs, drivers or Windows system itself
  • Associated program itself encounter a running error

After getting the error problem on PC, you will probably find this error message displaying on the screen annoyingly:

13 (0xD)
The data is invalid.

Consequences may be triggered by error 13

It must be an important issue to fix error code 13, otherwise, this error will trigger more serious problems on the computer, it will be too late to take measures to get it fixed well when these further issues all come out:

  • Sluggish system performance
  • Vulnerable system security situations (easily attacked by malicious viruses)
  • Invalid programs, system services and features
  • Invalid DLL, EXE and registry issues
  • Programs and system itself easily get frozen

Available approaches to fix error code 13

Troubleshoot registry issues on Windows system


In many cases, error 13 is regarded as a registry error that frequently happens on the computer, so you should firstly think about the big cause of this issues, and take a way to check your System Registry, then troubleshoot all of registry problems inside.

System Registry, also known as the center database of the computer system, stores numerous data which including advanced settings, configurations and data of installed programs and Windows system, they often play an important role for the programs and system performance. When you encounter the error issue, you can firstly try to fix error code 13 via repairing those problematic registries on your computer, for many computer users who have few knowledge about System Registry, it is advised to check and resolve the registry issues inside the system with a reliable registry error fixer, it can perform an automatic scan and fix for those registry problems and troubleshoot the registry effectively within a short time.

If the registry fix cannot help you to fix error code 13, you can try the following solutions to figure it out according to the possible causes of the issue.

Keep installed programs, driver and system up-to-date

Outdated issue from installed applications, Windows system and device drivers easily cause invalid features and errors on the computer, so you can do a check for the Windows system and other devices on your PC, and make sure they all get the newest version.

There are commonly two ways to perform an update for the programs or Windows

  • Activate the Windows system update feature or click on the Update button on the specific programs


  • Download and installed available updates from the official websites of the programs or Microsoft (Windows update)

Reinstall associated applications to fix error code 13

In addition, many people often encounter the error issue when they start a gaming application or other programs on the computer. In this situation, you should try to find out the problem of the program, and it cannot be better if you can find the specific problem and know how to resolve it well. Conversely, if you have no idea to troubleshoot the program error, you can choose to fix error code 13 via reinstalling the application on your PC.

Instructions about how to remove a program on Windows 8.1

  • Right-click on the Start button


  • Click on Program and Features to open the removing panel
  • Locate the program name you want to remove on the list of installed applications
  • Click on the Uninstall button, process and finish the removal with uninstall wizard


  • After removal, please go to restart your computer
  • Download the newest version of the program from its official website, then install it on your PC

Restore your computer to a previous date

Choose to restore the computer to a previous date (the error does not yet occur) can help you to avoid the problems happened after that date, so you can avoid them on your computer. This method also can be used to fix error code 13, but you should firstly go to check the available restore point, and make sure there is one restore point before the error occurred, then you can try to fix error code 13 via restoring your Windows system.

Steps to restore the system to a previous date on Windows 8.1:

  • Right-click on the Start button, select System
  • Click on “System Protection” on the left pane


  • Click “System Restore…” button, and Next


  • Choose the restore point with a proper date, then click on Restore


  • Follow the instructions to finish the system restore.

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