Available Methods to Fix Error Code 2147467259


by Eddie Bradbury · March 30, 2015

fix error code 2147467259

Error code 2147467259 is a common issue in Microsoft Visual Basic and may troubling many computer users now, what on earth the effective way to fix error code 2147467259 for those people? Available instructions here will offer a tech-support for you.

About the error

In most cases, this error happens when you are trying to open a form via using Automation in Visual Basic .NET or run a program through debugging the device, but the SetFocus has no respond and cannot complete the required feature or service. After that, the error message “Run-time error -2147467259″ will displays annoyingly on the PC until you get it fixed well.


Possible results of getting the program?

As this error problem is related to the Windows system and many of its associated features and services, it must trigger many problems on your PC and create a great deal of problems of using the computer.

  • Failed to launch some applications successfully
  • System performs sluggishly
  • Invalid system features and services
  • Additional registry errors
  • Additional DLL or EXE errors
  • Computer gets freezes

Big causes of this problem on PC?

Knowing what cause this Windows error is an important factor to fix error code 2147467259 easily and quickly, so, before you start to troubleshoot this error, you should try to know more about what’s the specific cause of the problem on your computer.

SetFocus fails to perform on the computer system is the biggest cause of the problem, and many issues like virus infection, installing a program without an administrator identification and system registry errors can be resulted in this poor situations. There fore, you should try to figure out the error 2147467259 through checking and fixing the associated components on the PC.

Start to fix error code 2147467259 right now

One – update Windows system and drivers


An outdated Windows system usually cause a serious of error issues on PC, Windows 8 operating system now contains an automatic and force Windows update, so the user may not worry about the system outdated issue. However, other Windows systems’ updates are optional and should be installed additionally. In order to fix error code 2147467259, you should check you computer system and make sure it is automatically downloaded and updated.

Steps to set an automatic update for your Windows system:

  • Click on Start button > Devices and Printers
  • Right-click on your computer name > select Device installation settings
  • Select the option to do the update automatically, and save changes
  • Enter your administrator password or confirmation if it is required

If you have set and checked the update automatically, there are also some optional updates should be installed manually on the computer:

  • Click to open Start menu > Windows update
  • Click on Check for updates on the left side, wait for the Windows checking latest updates for you
  • Click to see more information about the available update, and select the update you want to install
  • Look for updates for your drivers, then click to install them
  • Click “Install updates”, and enter password or confirmation

Two – uninstall problematic program and reinstall it as administrator

Some people may install a program carelessly without administrator identification, so they are not able to run the application and get this annoying error code on the PC. In this situation, to fix error code 2147467259, you should firstly consider to uninstall the associated program complete on your computer, then install it again as administrator.

  • Equip you computer with a professional uninstall application
  • Launch the uninstaller, select the program you need to remove
  • Uninstall the program and its associated files completely on your PC
  • Restart the computer and log on the system as administrator
  • Click on the install package of the program, and install it again

Three – manual way to fix error code 2147467259

This is an advanced resolution that involves some professional repairing measures and actions, so it may be much suitable for those users who have professional computer technology knowledge and computer experts to fix error code 2147467259, and a similar content or action should be entered as the following:

Function AutomationTest()
On Error GoTo AutomationErr

Exit Function

If Err.Number = -2147467259 Then
Resume ‘until control is visible.

End If
End Function

Four – clean virus infection

Computer virus

Since some malicious viruses may sneak to your computer system and damage some files and data associated to the system feature, then cause the Windows error 2147467259. In order to prevent more serious virus invasion on the computer as well as fix error code 2147467259, you should perform a thorough scan for your computer system with an outstanding antivirus program, and clean out all of dangerous viruses and components instantly on the PC.

Five – repair registry issues

System registry is always an important database for the computer operations and system performance, all of the advanced data, configurations and files inside should be protected well from any missing or corrupted issues. If you are not clear about the situation of your system registry, you should take a professional registry error fixer to scan the Windows system, it will tell you the registry problems on the PC in details, after that, please take immediate actions to fix all of these problems with the advanced fixed tool, and clean those junk files as well. In this way, you will be able to fix error code 2147467259 with registry problems and other issues like error code 42, and error code 100 as well.

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