How can I Fix System Resources Error Code 12


by Eddie Bradbury · January 8, 2015

When searching error code 12 on Google, I always can find some people ask for a help in the forum or Q&A website, so now, I would like to focus the issue and share the knowledge and methods I known to fix system resources error code 12.

Common error notification:
“This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system. (Code 12)”

fix error code 12

Receiving this error message on the computer is getting the specific error issue on your Windows system, and it typically occurs when you are running a program or performing a task like saving something on the machine. More precisely, this problem happens when too many applications running on the computer at the same time, or the system has insufficient memory or space to save the content you required. Therefore, to fix error code 12, you should take some measures to figure out these specific problems on your computer instantly.

Importance of repairing the error instantly

Please note that it is not good for keeping this error issue on your PC for a long time, because system resource problem is closely related to the whole system performance and program running. If you do not get it fixed in time, many serious system problems like sluggish computer performance, system crash, Blue Screen of Death errors will come out.

Take actions to fix system resources error code 12 right now

Way one – disable and remove external devices


Please check your computer and see how many external devices running on your computer, if there is a little bit more devices running at the same time, it may be the cause of encountering the error, and you should consider to disable and remove those unnecessary ones to fix the error firstly. Then getting a USB hub for your PC will be a good idea to solve this problem of using several external devices at the same time.

Way two – create another save folder for your gaming application


There are many people come across the specific error while they are saving game (like The Sims 3 ) on the computer, because the saved folder stores too many saved games. In this situation, you should create another folder and move some of these games from the original saved folder to the new one. If you are getting this problem during saving your file, please try to click on “Save As” option and save the game to another folder. Besides fix system resources error code 12, in order to avoid this problem in the future, it is suggested to only play a few games you saved at the same time.

Way three – diagnose and fix the error by yourself

If you have been using computer for a long time and get a rich experience about computer error fixed, you can try to figure it out manually on the Windows system. And the general steps are: analyze the problem to find out the problematic device, then run Troubleshooting Wizard, finally try to handle this error issue with the instruction provided by Windows system. Here are more details about troubleshooting the device problem and fix system resources error code 12 well:

  • Open the Device Manager in Control Panel


  • Run Troubleshooting Wizard to find the specific device which cause the problem, and remember it
  • Check the Properties of this device, click on General tab
  • Click Troubleshoot, and answer the questions it required
  • Try to fix system resources error code 12 with its recommended solution

Way four – remove registry issues to fix system resources error code 12


System resources error code 12 and many other serious problems on Windows usually occur when some system registries are modified, damaged or deleted, which often caused by the incorrect operation on PC. So you should do a check for your Registry Editor, and repair all of associated registries which got some problems and unable to perform smoothly. And the most effective way (recommended) to deal with your registry problems is inviting a professional registry error fixer.

Different from the manual fix which easily make the removal error, taking a good registry error fix tool can help the computer user to find out and clean all of registry issues in a short time, and the repairing process performs automatically and accurately, which can avoid many additional errors and problems. Fix system resources error code 12 with registry issues in this way will be much safer and faster.

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