Fix Error Code 114 with Simple Steps


by Eddie Bradbury · April 9, 2015

fix error code 114

Get a trouble of getting rid of Windows system error 114 on your computer? Which method did you tried and how about the result? Please read the following troubleshooting article and fix error code 114 with a better and easier way.

114 (0x72)
The target internal file identifier is incorrect.

When people encounter and error 114, the computer typically displays this specific error message, and it will keep on the computer once associated features are required but failed to perform on the Windows system. It can either occurs when you are trying to open and print a file, or launch a program on the PC. If you are not sure the reason for this problem on your computer, you can refer to these common causes of it, which is helpful for you to fix error code 114 effectively.

General reasons for the error

Big causes:

  • Windows registry issue
  • Program error


  • Driver conflict issue
  • Computer is attacked by virus or malware
  • Corruption of some system files

When the problem is caused by the Windows registry issue, you will continue to be troubled by a series of further problems on the computer, such as DLL error, failed operation and unexpected system shutdown. And computer is also involved in many troubles if it is caused by other specific problem. The best solution to avoid all of these impacts is taking a good way to fix error code 114 as early as possible on your PC.

Resolutions to fix error code 114 on Windows system

Have a check and fix for system registry

system registry

As a core database of the Windows system, System Registry gathers many important and also sensitive advanced configurations, settings, and data, many of registry files inside are easily damaged, modified or deleted mistakenly by people’s misoperation on the computer. When you encounter some problems of some registries, many errors like the error 114 will be triggered and constantly annoy you with its error notification, this is why it is so important for you to firstly check and fix your System Registry.

Because of the important role of system registry, it is not a wise choice to manual edit and fix your problematic registries, this is because your incorrect editing for your registry will easily cause many more problems on the Windows system, and even cause an irreversible damage that makes your computer to be resulted in a more serious problem. A trusted register fix tool is more recommended to use to scan and fix your system registry issues automatically, then you can resolve those problems related to the registry issues, including fix error code 114.

Fix the associated application problem

There are still a lot of people encountering this problem when they attempt to run an application on computer, if you are in the same situation, please remember to pay attention to the specific action you are performing in the program when error occurs, and contact to the developer of this program or visit their website, there may be some supported solutions there available for you to solve this problem and fix error code 114 well, and please try to follow their directions to figure it out.

If this way does not work for you to repairing the system error 114, please try to re-install the program for a try, then restart your computer for a try.

Remove viruses hiding on your PC


Sometimes your installed antivirus program does not perform as effectively as you think, some malicious viruses or malware may hide in your computer and spread their invasions privately. When some related files are compromised unexpectedly on the machine, you will get the error 114 and other problems. Therefore, in order to protect your computer system and fix error code 114 and other errors, you should invite a powerful antivirus program on your PC, and perform a complete virus scan for your computer system, once some malicious files and components are detected, please remove all of them without any hesitation if you don’t want to be attacked by those guys.

Warm tips: equip the computer with a professional antivirus program is always a good way to protect the system as well as avoid many troubles and errors, but please remember to update this advanced equipment regularly, otherwise it will lose efficacy of protecting your computer.

Disable and remove problematic driver

If there is a driver which is not compatible with your specific Windows operating system, many running problems and perform errors will be triggered by the conflict issue. So you should find out the problematic driver on your computer, then disable and remove it instantly to avoid any conflict issue and problem caused by the driver, as well as fix error code 114.

Run “sfc” to fix error code 114

“sfc” is a default command of activating System File Checker utility on the Windows system, which is a common feature that can be used to check the corrupted or invalid system files, and try to recover them well automatically. So. To fix error code 114, you also need this way to help you repair those damaged system files which related to the specific system performance on PC.


  • Go to open your computer’s search text box, type “command” in the box
  • Press “CTRL+Shift”, and “Enter”
  • Click “Yes” if you need to confirm
  • Type “sfc/scannow” in the now window with black screen, hit Enter
  • Wait for the System File Checker to scan and try to fix corrupted system files for you

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