Fix Error Code 80070020 When Update Windows System


by Eddie Bradbury · March 29, 2016

fix error code 80070020

Do you encounter error code 80070020 when update your Windows system or install optional updates of it? When you get this issue unfortunately, I am afraid that you will have to stop the update process and receive the notification frequently. If you are having this problem on your PC, try the following way to fix error code 80070020 and recover the Windows update well.

Know more about error 80070020

According to many people’s experiences they shared online, they usually gets this problem when trying to install updates for their Windows systems, and those Windows system which contains the automatic update feature like Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 will display the error code and message when performing the automatic update on the computer. If you do not figure it out on the PC, the Windows update will not work successfully and you will always stay in an outdated and vulnerable system environment.

What may be caused by the error

  • Windows system update cannot be installed
  • Compute constantly receives the error message
  • Sluggish computer system’s performance
  • Computer system become vulnerable and unstable

The faster you fix error code 80070020, the more troublesome problems you will avoid on your PC. So let’s now take steps to get it fixed well.

Take steps to fix error code 80070020 right now

1. Make sure you are not infected by malicious viruses


Before we start to analyze and diagnose which part of the Windows system cause the problem, please make sure that your computer is not being infected by malicious viruses, if you are not sure or there are actually some strange problems on your PC, please apply a professional antivirus program to do a thorough check for your computer and remove all of infections completely.

  • Open the antivirus program, and update the virus database to the latest version
  • Click on the scan button to check the whole system’s security
  • click to remove all of detected viruses or malicious components
  • Exit the program, and restart your computer.

If error 80070020 cannot be resolved after then, please try the following methods.

2.Change a way to install the Windows system update to fix error code 80070020

If you only encounter the error issue when trying to update the Windows system automatically on your computer, please try another way to install it for a try.

Start the Windows system update in safe mode

1.¬†Open the search box on your computer, type “msconfig”
2. Click on “msconfig.exe” on the list of search results, and please type the administrator password or confirmation if you are required to do so
3. And then, you will see the System Configuration dialog box, please click on Boot tab
4. Click on Safe boot check box — NetworkOK
5. And now it’s term to the System Configuration dialog, click on Restart
6. The computer will be restarted in safe mode after then, right-click on the Windows button
7. Select Windows update; if you cannot find this item, please click on System, and select Windows Update

8. Click Check for updates on the left side, all of available updates will be presented on the window


9. Select the update you need to installed, and click on Install updates
10. Enter your administrator password or confirmation
11. When the update installation is completed, restart your computer.

Installed the Windows update manually

In additional to manually find out and install the Windows update, you also can choose to install the update via download the specific update’s pack on Microsoft’s website, and following the instructions to install it manually on your computer.

3.Uninstall incompatible or suspicious application

Maybe you are not lucky enough to fix error code 80070020 via changing a way to install the Windows system. Don’t worry, please check your computer and see whether there is a program contains a conflict issue with your Windows system, or the program has something related to the error issue, especially when the error just occurred after you just installed the application.

In this situation, you will need to firstly uninstall the application on your computer, and check the error again. It will be working for you to fix error code 80070020 which is caused by the program issue.

4.Fix system issues on your computer system to fix error code 80070020


Last but not lease, the system issue is also a big cause for the error problem on Windows system, registry errors, overloaded system junk files or disordered system space will all probably trigger the error 80070020 on your PC. Therefore, you should perform a fix and optimization for your Windows system with an advanced system fix tool, which help you to clean all the system issues effectively.

When error code 80070020 appears on the computer, many people would like to find a proper resolution from Windows Update forum, however, it often takes a long time and requires you to try the suggested solutions again and again until finding the effective solution. If you haven’t been used the above solutions before, please go for a try, I think it will be a good way to help you fix error code 80070020 well on your computer.

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