Guides to Fix Error Code 128 on Your Windows System


by Eddie Bradbury · July 22, 2015


Windows error code 128 is a very typical computer system issue that usually happens when you are using an application, and it will keep appearing on the PC until you clean and fix error code 128. So I think the following how-to guides will be useful for you to get rid of this trouble on your computer.

128 (0x80)
There are no child processes to wait for.

This is the most common bug report about the Windows error 128, when it is the first time you receive on your PC, just restart your computer for a try. If it still persist, I think you should take some steps to fix error code 128 in case of it creating these problems and troubles on the PC:

  • Invalid processes and services
  • Sluggish Windows system performance
  • Missing or damaged DLL error issues
  • System registry problems
  • Computer get frozen frequently
  • Blue Screen of Death error

How can fix error code 128 effectively on PC

Reinstall associated DLL file


Error notification is always a good resource for us to know more about the issue on the computer, so at the very beginning, please take a look at the bug report displaying on your PC, if there is a particular DLL file being mentioned in the message and tells you that it has been corrupted or invalid, you should find out the specific file on the computer, and reinstall it to recover its associated features and functions on the system, then fix error code 128 well.

Guides about how to reinstall a DLL file:

  • Download a new DLL file from a reliable online resource and save on your PC(or you can choose to copy such a one file from another computer with the same operating system)
  • Search out the specific location of the file on the computer, and rename it to filename_old.dll
  • Copy and paste the new one to the same location with the previous file

After finishing to replace the file, please remember to register it on your Windows system

  • Click on Start > Run
  • Type “regsvr_filename.dll” in the box, and click on OK

Reinstall the program which causes the error

When the error only appears during you running a particular application, the program maybe get some problems and cannot perform effectively or create a conflict issue with your Windows system, if you are not clear about what’s wrong with your program, to fix error code 128 which is probably caused by the application, please just reinstall it on PC, then you will be able to recover all of features and performances of the program without any problem.

Clean virus infection on your computer


Sometimes this problem is just caused by a virus infection when the computer is compromised by some malicious viruses or threats without your knowing, because it is very easy for those files and settings on your computer system being modified or disabled by the viruses. Therefore, in order to get rid of these infections and fix error code 128 as well, it is very necessary to tale immediate steps to conduct a virus scan for the whole Windows system with an outstanding antivirus program, then clean every thing detected as malicious component on your computer. Then restart your PC to get a refresh.

Scan and repair system registry issues


Incorrect uninstallation of program, improper operations and people’s faulty actions on the computer easily create some registry issues on the computer system, such as move the registry to other place, modify or delete some registry entries by mistake, this will affect many associated performance on the computer when the Windows system cannot detect the required file on the registry database.

Error 128 is also triggered by the associated registry issues on your computer system in some situations, so you should do a registry check for your Windows system with a sophisticated registry optimize tool, and troubleshoot all of registry problems automatically to enhance the system performance and fix error code 128.

Change the way to install your Windows update

If the error occurs when the Windows system update automatically, you can try to cancel the automatic update, and install available updates manually on the PC. This is also an feasible resolution to fix error code 128 on your computer.

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