How to Fix Adobe Installation Problem – Adobe Flash Activex can’t Register Problem Fix Guide


by Julie Seymour · January 31, 2012

Many people received the Adobe installation problem error when trying to install Adobe flash player in their Internet Explorer, telling you that: “The installation encountered errors. The ActiveX control for flash player could not be register”, see the message below:

If it is the problem that borthering you, refer to this troubleshooting guide to fix the Adobe Installation Problem.

Causes of Adobe Installation Problem

Adobe Installation Problem can be caused by many factors. If you computer has older or incomplete installed version of Flash Player, error will occur during the installation of a new version. Second reason: the security and JavaScript setting of your Internet Explorer is not correct for the Adobe Installation. Another possible cause of Adobe Installation Problem could be the Windows registry is damaged or has improper permission setting that does not allow you to install Adobe flash player.

How to fix Adobe flash activex can’t register/Installation Problem

Solution 1: check for if there is an older version of Adobe flash player installed in your computer. You can refer to the version list by visiting this page: Archived Flash Player versions. So far, the latest version of Adobe flash player is if you found the version of Adobe flash player in your computer is lower than the listed version, try remove it from your system, then download the latest version of Adobe flash player here, and install it to fix the Adobe Installation Problem.

Solution 2: adjust the security and JavaScript settings to fix Adobe Installation Problem, see the steps below:

  • Open your Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options
  • Click on Security tab – Select Trusted Sites, click on the Default Level button
  • Adjust the security level to Medium and click Apply button.
  • Click Custom Level, locate the “Scripting” section and click enable
  • Click OK to finish.

  • Select “Internet” in the security section window and repeat the above steps.
  • After you finish these setting, close IE and restart it

(Note: if you have Internet Explorer 9, go to Tools- Safety, deselect ActiveX Filtering setting to disable it.)

Solution 3: Scan and repair Windows registry, that could help you  fix Adobe flash activex can’t register/Installation Problem and other system issues automatically. Simply perform the below steps:

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