How to Fix Error Code 4460 – Troubleshoot Windows Database


by Eddie Bradbury · January 6, 2016

IBM Data Server Driver-Error Code 4460

Many users come across Windows Database Error Code 4460 when trying to place a call to SQLException.getMessage, and the error message may show up like “The specified value is not a valid option” . Have no clue how to repair this error? Try to work it out but end up with failure? As is known to all, Windows errors may be generated by many internal/external factors. To fix Error Code 4460 effectively you need to figure out the root cause and then take corresponding actions. Now read this tutorial and see if it help you solve the issue.

Further Information about Error Code 4460:

In general, Error Code 4460 is triggered by the IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC and SQLJ, and if so, you might need to call SQLException.getMessage to retrieve specific information about the problem. Sometime users may get the error simply because they have the “wrong” driver jar (db2cc4.jar) in the classpath ahead of the “correct” one (db2cc.jar), and the error will go away if these two jars are placed in the correct order. When running a SELECT AS in the SQL Query test action you might see an error such as the following: >[jcc][10150][10300][4.14.88] Invalid parameter: Unknown column name . ERRORCODE=-4460,SQLSTATE=null”. The reason may be that newer DB2 JDBC drivers exhibit different behaviour when returning column names using the “AS” clause. Other potential factors that are suspected to generate Error Code 4460 may be misconfigured system files, corrupted registry, outdated drivers, malicious software, etc. Identify the root cause and you will find the answer to this problem.

Get lost in how to handle this tough issue? Take it easy. We will guide you through the whole repair process, and you can check out the following tips to fix Error Code 4460 effectively.

Detailed Solution to Fix Error Code 4460

Way 1: Install DB2 Fix Packs by Version for DB2

Since Error 4460 is closely linked with the DB2 JDBC driver and DB2 environment, you should first check the version of DB2 Universal JDBC driver, and then download corresponding DB2 Fix Packs for your Windows system. To get more detail about the compatibility between JDBC driver and database version, see here.

  • Execute the following command in the command line to retrieve the JCC driver version: java -version.


  • Visit DB2 Fix Packs by Version and download the DB2 Universal JDBC driver and/or DB2 Fix Pack for the installed DB2 product you have.

DB2 Fix Pack

  • Make sure you have the correct configuration of DB2 on z/OS, and then use the correct .jar file to connect to your DB2 database.

JCC driver

Way 2: Modify Physical Database Connection Specification

For the IBM® Data Server Driver for JDBC and SQLJ version 4.0 and later, the default behavior of ResultSetMetaData.getColumnName and ResultSetMetaData.getColumnLabel differs from the default behavior for earlier JDBC drivers. If Error Code 4460 is caused by the aforementioned situation, namely, newer DB2 JDBC drivers exhibit different behavior when returning column names using the “AS” clause, try these steps to fix Error Code 4460:

  • Modify the database connection specification to use the old version of semantics by appending the parameter of useJDBC4ColumnNameAndLabelSemantics:
  • Modify the query to use an expression in the column name:
    select as MY_NAME from TABLE where ID=1

JDBC ResultSetMetadata

If ResultSetMetaData returns different values for the IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC and SQLJ Version 4.0 and you cannot change your applications to conform to the new ResultSetMetaData behavior, but you need other features of JDBC 4.0, then set the useJDBC4ColumnNameAndLabelSemantics Connection or DataSource property to DB2BaseDataSource.NO (2) to keep the old behavior.

Way 3: Update Associated Windows Components/Drivers

It is beyond doubt that incompatible Windows drivers or missing system files may also result in Error Code 4460. To optimize your computer performance, you are supposed to check periodically if Windows system, device drivers and the installed software are up-to-date.

  • (Right) click on Start menu and select System in the list.
  • Click Windows Update in the lower-left corner when the new window appears.


  • Click Check for updates in the left pane and wait for the checking results.
  • Select the Windows update you want and click on Install to proceed.


  • (Right) click on Start menu and select Driver Manager in the list.
  • Right click on a specific driver and click on Update Driver Software in the list.
  • Follow the instruction to complete the update and then restart your computer.


Way 4: Troubleshoot Error Code 4460 Using Fix Tool

Registry serves as a central hierarchical database that stores vital data, information, settings and options. When it gets corrupted, damaged, clogged up, or infected, various kinds of errors come up to cause system malfunction. Actually, many system errors can be fixed easily by running a professional registry repair tool. For many ordinary users they may lack adequate experience to repair problematic registry by their own, or they just wanna save the trouble of performing complicated steps. If the methods mentioned above fail to fix Error Code 4460, try the fix tool to repair Error Code 4460 and keep you computer running to its peak performance.

Advanced Fix

  • Launch the fix tool and click on the Scan button to scan the Windows Registry.
  • Click on Fix button to resolve all the detected issues listed in the scan results.
  • Restart your computer to take effect after the fixing process is finished.

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