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by Julie Seymour · February 1, 2012

Trouble with ssvagent.exe error? Looking for solutions to get rid of this annoying error? Here you’ve come to the right place.

Ssvagent.exe is a Windows process comes from the program named Java Platform SE 6 U11 developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. if you computer have this Java Platform SE 6 U11 installed, the ssvagent.exe can be found in the directory of C:\ProgramFiles\Java\jre6\bin (by default).

ssvagent.exe error usually happens when you are trying to launch the Internet Explorer of your computer, or open a new window(tab) of Internet Explorer, common error messages including:

  • “ssvagent.exe – entry point not found”
  • “java\jre6\bin\ssvagent.exe”

Both error messages could stop you from using Internet Explorer properly. Do not even think that using another web browser could avoid/ignore this error, if you leave the ssvagent.exe error unfixed, unexpected problems could crop up and bring more damages to your computer. As we suggest, this error needs to be fixed in time once seen.

How to fix ssvagent.exe error

There are a couple of troubleshooting for this error for you to try according to your particular situation.

If you experienced this error when opening IE, try the below steps to fix ssvagent.exe error

  • Double click to open your Internet Explorer.
  • Go to Tools – Manage Add-ons
  • In the Manage Add-ons window, find out SSVHelper Class in the add-on list,
  • Select SSVHelper Class and click Disable, then Click OK to finish the setting
  • Close Internet Explorer and restart it to check on the ssvagent.exe error issue

Option 2: Uninstall Java. Java Run Time is known to consuming a lot of CPU resources, you may notice that the Internet Explorer is taking a long time to load if Java Run Time is running in the background. As ssvagent.exe is related to Java, if you don’t need this service, you can go remove it from your computer, and technically speaking the ssvagent.exe error can be fixed along side. Steps as below:

  • Click on StartControl PenalAdd/Remove program(Windows 7/VISTA users should click the Uninstall a program link)
  • Locate and select Java in the program list, click remove button
  • Wait for the uninstall finish, restart your computer.

If the ssvagent.exe error happens when opening a new tab of IE, go adjust the security level of your IE browser.

  • Open Internet Explorer, go to ToolsInternet Options
  • Click on Security tab, select “Internet”.
  • Adjust the security level to medium
  • Click Apply and hit OK.
  • Close Internet Explorer and restart it to see if ssvagent.exe error is fixed.

If the above manual solutions fail to fix ssvagent.exe error, the problem should lies to the registry problem of your computer, you can try scan and repair the registry with a reliable registry tool to automatically fix this error and other registry problems of your computer.

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