How-to Guides to Fix Error Code 49 on Windows System


by Eddie Bradbury · October 6, 2015


Many computer users would encounter a PC error with specific code 49 for many situations, getting know about what does the error mean and how to remove it are very important for the computer maintenance. So here, in this post, we will pay attention to fix error code 49 on the computer.

Get more details about the error

Generally speaking, a specific error code on PC represents a particular kind of problem or issue on the machine, system error code 49 usually indicates a problem with the oversize system hive, and a notification will display to let you notice the problem:

Windows cannot start new hardware devices because the system hive is too large (exceeds the Registry Size Limit). (Code 49)

What’s system hive?

A hive refers to a logical group of registry values, keys and subkeys on the Windows system, these data covers those information and settings from installed applications, desktop, network connections and other devices on the computer.

What will be caused by error 49?

System error 49 is a problem that should be resolve as soon as possible, because it will lead many troublesome impacts on the computer if you do not fix error code 49 instantly, here are just some typical issues after the error happens on the computer:

  • Other devices are unable to work smoothly
  • Computer and running applications are easily get frozen
  • Degrade system performance
  • Annoying error issues appear on the PC
  • High CPU usage
  • Blue Screen of Death

How do we fix error code 49 on our PCs?

Firstly, clean system registry issues


Since the error problem is closely related to the Windows system in many situations, in order to fix error code 49 effectively, you should firstly go to troubleshoot the registry issues on your PC, which including repair problematic registries and clean useless registry files.

For most of general computer users, they do not have the ability to analyze and find out the registry problems, not fix them well by their limited computer knowledge and experience. So I would like to suggest you to apply a professional fix tool, which enable you to complete problem fix effectively and easily. Comparing to the complicatedly manual fix for system registries, an advanced fix tool can detect all of registry problems and fix them automatically. In addition, those useless registry keys and values also can be cleaned well and save a lot of system space. In this way, you will not only be able to troubleshoot the registry problems, but also free up more space to support the smooth operations of any other device on the computer.

Get professional fix tool now and try the following steps to fix error code 49 via cleaning registry issues:

  • Open the fix tool on your PC, click on the scan button to check the System Registry
  • When all of registry problems are detected and present on the scan result, click on the fix button to resolve all of these issues automatically
  • Restart your computer when the registry fix is finished

Remove unnecessary hardware devices to fix error code 49

The more hardware devices being installed and running on the PC, the more registries would be created and occupy the limited system space, if the registry fix and clean cannot help you troubleshoot the error 49 successfully, you should uninstall those unnecessary or unused hardware devices on your computer to stop consuming valuable system resources.

Uninstall unneeded applications


Besides removing the unused hardware devices on computer, unwanted installed programs also should be removed for they also occupying a lot of space and the CPU usage on PC. Therefore, to fix error code 49, you also can think about removing those unneeded programs and optimize the system structure and enhance computer performance.

Perform disk clean-up

A lot of useless items staying on the computer will not only occupy the limited system space, besides, it will trigger a series of problems and running error on the PC for the required files or processes usually unable to be detected and activated effectively. So, in order to fix error code 49 for good on the computer, it is necessary to do a disk clean-up for the whole computer system, so that those junk files can be cleaned up, and system structure is also optimized as well.

Steps to perform a disk clean-up on computer (Windows 8/8.1):

  • Right-click on the Start button, select Control Panel


  • Click on System and Security, scroll down to the “Administrative Tools
  • Click on “Free up disk space” under the Administrative Tools, then follow the instructions to free up a particular disk’s space


  • Restart your computer

Scan and remove virus infections

Malicious virus infection is always an absolute destroyer for the computer, destructing programs and system settings, modifying data and files, removing your important information or system components…, it is very possible that virus infection is a reasons for the system error 49 issue. In this situation, a professional virus scan and removal should be taken to fix error code 49 well. For the daily use of computer, it is very necessary and also important to equip the computer with a reliable antivirus software, opening the real-time protection of the program and keeping it up-to-date can help us to prevent many dangerous viruses from attacking the PC. Thus, those files and components related to the error 49 will not be compromised and damaged, and you can avoid and fix error code 49 after cleaning those malicious infections on the computer.

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