Instructions to Fix Error Code 1 – Windows Error Issue


by Eddie Bradbury · January 14, 2016

fix error code 1

Do you experience any problem with error code 1 on your computer? Windows error code 1 may be a problem on many people’s computers that cannot be fixed instantly, and they have to bare the annoying error notification and further impacts on PC. So now, it’s time to figure out this problem and fix error code 1 effectively.

Associated error message:

  • “This device is not configured correctly. (Code 1)”
  • “Creative Cloud Desktop Failed to Install (Error Code 1)”
  • “Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure !! [Error Code : 0001]”
  • “Windows Error Code 1 (0x1) ERROR_INVALID_FUNCTION”

In most cases, people may start to know about that problem when they get the annoying error notification on their computers, they might be trying to install an application like Creative Cloud, play gaming application like Blitz Brigade or activating a program at that time…, unluckily, it will be stopped or disabled with the coming of this error. To fix error code 1, you should know what happen on your computer firstly.

  • Windows drivers error: device cannot find the required drivers on PC (problematic driver issue)
  • Internet connection error: cannot connect to the Internet smoothly
  • Virus infection error: computer system is compromised by malicious virus/threat
  • Application error: program cannot start or operate successfully
  • System registry error: several registry keys/entries are corrupted or cannot be found

After knowing more about the problem on your computer, let’s start to take actions and troubleshoot this issue on the computer.

Take steps to fix error code 1 with available solutions.

1. Update/repair associated driver

Lacking of the corresponding driver or getting the corrupted or outdated driver issue often cause a series of running problems on the computer, so you should do a check for the driver on your computer, and try to update or repair the exited issue to fix error code 1.

Update the driver with Windows update:

Windows 8, 8.1, 10 all contain the automatic Windows update that people can skip to do it manually, besides, we still can choose to install those optional update on the computer.

  • Right-click on Windows button, click Control Panel


  • Click on System and Security, and continue to click on Windows Update
  • Click Check for updates on the new window, then the computer will check all of available update for your Windows system


  • Choose to install the driver update on your PC
  • Reboot the system

Troubleshoot the driver issue

If the Windows update cannot help you to to resolve the driver issue, you may need to deal with the problem additionally, applying a good driver fix tool may can help you to check and fix the driver problem automatically.

2. Check your Internet connection/try to re-connect it

Internet connection

Program activation or playing game online is very easy to be interrupted by unstable or unsuccessful Internet connection on the computer, so you should firstly make sure your computer is connected to the Internet, if can use the Internet connection for other behaviors on PC, please try to cut the Internet connection and re-connect it, after that, you can activate the program or play the game again for a try, it may be able to help you avoid and fix error code 1 well.

In addition, please go to have a check for your Internet connection, and make sure there is no a necessary setting or feature being disabled on your computer or a particular application.

3. Clean virus infection on your computer to fix error code 1

There are many tricky viruses and threats can sneak to your computer and keep compromising your computer without your knowing it for a long time, especially when you do not have a regular virus check and removal for your computer system. In this condition, you should invite an outstanding antivirus software to check your computer system, then remove all of detected viruses and threats completely.

After that, please restart your computer to complete the virus removal.

4. Update or reinstall the program which cause the error

When you try to install a new program on your computer but the error code 1 appears, you should check the installation package of the software, outdated or corrupted issue with it will prevent the application being installed on PC, to resolve this problem, you can try to download a brand new install package and install it again on the computer.

5. Clean system registry error with sophisticated fix tool


System registry issue is a common cause for many problems on the computer, especially those different kinds of error issues, to fix error code 1, System Registry is a place you should check, because there may be many registry issues inside and need you to figure out, over-loaded junk files, missing and invalid registry keys are probably the reason for the error on your computer. Therefore, you should apply a good registry fix tool to check this important database on the system, then click to fix all of issues with the automatic and advanced repairing feature of the tool. After cleaning those detected problems on your System Registry on your PC, the error code 1 will be fixed and system’s performance will be significantly improved as well.

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