Suggestions to Fix Error Code 106 for Good


by Eddie Bradbury · May 11, 2015


fix error code 106

Often receive a driver error message with the code 106? Do you known which part of your computer get into the trouble? And how can fix error code 106 well? This post, we will focus on the available resolutions to resolve the computer problem.

Windows error code 106 is a problem that has something to do with the computer’s disk drive, especially in the older Windows 95 operating system, if you are still using this old Windows system version, you will easily get this trouble when the SMS services on the network servers encountering a running problem on the PC.

106 (0x6A)
Insert the diskette for drive %1.”

What’s this?

This is an error message that people will receive when they encounter the error 106 on their PCs, every time you are trying to perform the associated Windows service and programs, this message will appear and tell you about the invalid features and associated operations on the computer. And these are often the problems that being caused by the error issue:

  • Computer will display many running errors and problems
  • Some Windows services and network connection are disable
  • Sluggish computer performance
  • System freeze-up or crash suddenly
  • Windows registry issues occur

Get the exact way to fix error code 106 on Windows system

First step: restart your computer

Click on Start button, click on Shutdown, and choose Restart
After that, the computer will restart automatically, the network will be disconnected and reconnected when it restarts. And please try to access the file or program in the disk drive, this simple step may hep you to fix error code 106 with ease for that it is just a temporary problem on the PC.

Second step: update your disk driver

Click on Start (right-click on Start if you are using Windows 8), select to open Control Panel
Click to open Device Manager, locate the specific disk drive name, right-click on it
Select “Update Driver Software…”
Wait for a few minutes till the update is finished
Restart the computer and see whether the error disappear or not on your PC. If you continue to receive the annoying error message, please go to the third step.

Third step: clear virus attack on the computer system


Virus attack is always a serious problem for the system’s security, because it will damage, modified, disable and even delete those important files and data, so that cause a series of errors and issues on the PC. In order to fix error code 106, you should go to check your system’s security situation, and avoid any malicious virus attack your computer as well as damage the Windows system files.

  • Invite a professional antivirus program with the newest version on your computer
  • Scan the whole computer system’s security
  • Wait for the scan results, and remove all of detected infections on the PC
  • Restart your computer when it is completed

Forth step: repair corrupt system files to fix error code 106

When you conduct a wrong operation on the computer or encounter virus attack, some system files will easily be disabled or damaged, thus associated services and processes on the system will also be affected until you fix them well. So, you need to run a system file repair to fix error code 106 issue.

System File Checker is a Windows built-in utility that you can take to scan and recover the corrupt system files on computer, you can run it in the following way:

  • Make you you have run your Windows system as administrator
  • Click to open the running text box on your computer
  • Type “cmd” in the box, press the Enter button
  • Then a black window appear, type “sfc /scannow” and press Enter


  • System File Checker will start to scan and fix corrupt system files for you
  • After that, please restart your computer and check the error issue again

Last step: clean system registry issues


Although this is the last step for you to fix error code 106, you should pay more attention to this part and realized the importance of your system registry. As a central database of the Windows system, many important system files, advanced settings and installed programs’ data are all stored in System Registry, if some of these files encounter the corrupt, invalid or missing issue, many problems will happen on your machine like error code 106. So, to fix error code 106, you should perform a thorough check for your system registries, and try to fix those registry problems inside.

To fix registry issues, manual method is not recommended for common computer users, because it is very easy for them to make a manual error can cause more serious system problems on the PC. Instead, a good registry error fixer is much better and easier to handle the system registry problems on the computer. With this advanced tool, your registry problems can be resolved easily and automatically, and you will also be able to fix error code 106 and other issues on the Windows system well with the registry problem.

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