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by Eddie Bradbury · June 15, 2015


fix error code 107

Want an effective solution to fix error code 107 and stop its annoying notification on the computer? This page is special for helping people to resolve this issue with simple methods and steps.

About the error 107

“The program stopped because an alternate diskette was not inserted.”

System error code 107 often indicates a problem of the required device being not able to detected or inserted on the computer, it usually occurs when you attempt to run an application or start the computer system. If you don’t fix error code 107 and just ignore this error and continue to use the computer as usual, you will get a lot of troubles and further issues on your computer system, such as:

  • Annoying error messages always appear on the computer
  • Cannot load or open an installed program
  • Other associated DLL or EXE error issues occur
  • System registry issues
  • Program and computer freeze up or crash

Please note that more and more serious problems will be caused if you cannot fix error code 107 in times on the computer, and a permanent damage may happen on the Windows system and cause you cannot use the computer smoothly anymore. So, to ensure the computer can be used and protected effectively, you should learn some effective ways to get this problem fixed well.

Fix error code 107 with following instructions

Restart the computer and open the program again


If the error message always displays when you open a certain program, it may be caused by a temporary fault of the application itself. And you can try to restart your computer, then open the program again, this may help you to fix error code 107. If you are not so lucky and continue to receive the error message when open the program, please go to uninstall the program firstly, then install a brand-new one on your PC.

Reinstall the program

When the program is stuck in a programming loop or encountering other running problems, error would happen when it is required to run on the Windows system. In this case, in order to fix error code 107, you should remove the program on the computer, then install it again on your computer.

Sometimes people will encounter some problems when they remove a program which has been corrupted or damaged on the computer, and the Windows uninstaller also cannot support to uninstall the program as other installed applications. It is suggested to apply an advanced uninstall tool, which is able to remove any unwanted program on the computer completely, even if the program is corrupted or very difficult to remove thoroughly on the PC. In this way, you will be able to save much of time and effort in the software.

Fix associated disk error to fix error code 107

Update disk driver software

Windows 7:

  • Click on Start > Control Manager > System and Security
  • Click to open Device Manager


  • Locate the associated device name, and open its sub-menu
  • Right-click on the specific device drive, then click “Update Driver Software…”
  • Process and complete the update with instructions

Windows 8.1:

  • Right-click on the Start icon > Device Manager


  • Select the device drive you need to update, then right-click on it
  • Click on “Update Driver Software…” to start the update


After upgrading the associated disk drive, many associated features and performances on the computer will be optimized and you can get a better computer environment.

Resolve your disk problems

In most case, error 107 is caused by a disk issue on the computer, and make the disk drive cannot read the required data successfully. If it is a disk error usually happens when are trying to install a program, please try to fix error code 107 via inserting the next disk instead of using the current disk on the computer, the hot issue will be fixed if the program can recognize the newly inserted disk.

Or you can invite a professional disk optimized tool to help you scan and fix all the issues on your disk.

Clean system registry issues


Besides the above situations, registry issue is another big cause of the error 107, because of a corrupted or invalid registry issues, those system and program performances supported by the specific registry will be unable to work smoothly on the computer, when you get the error problem on your PC, it is possible that there are some registry issues on the Windows system and affect the associated operations on the computer. So, to fix error code 107, you should find out these registry issues on your computer, then troubleshoot them instantly.

So, how to find out and resolve the registry issues well on the system? I would like to recommend to use an advanced registry fix tool, because it can scan your computer system thoroughly, then repair all of registry issues and clean those junk files accumulated in the database automatically and completely. You should note that the manual fix of registry database contains many possibilities of manual errors, which will affect the computer system more seriously.

How to avoid error 107 in the future?

If you don’t want to encounter such problem and pay much attention and time to fix error code 107 and other similar problem, you should take these useful tips and optimize your computer:

  • Update your driver software and Windows system itself periodically
  • Only install the program which is compatible with your Windows system
  • Clean system junk files regularly

Start to fix error code 107 with the help of advanced tool:

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